Differentiated Value: Everything is Ready to Go Right Out of the Box

By Dianne Ameter

When it comes to development, you likely are going to have trouble knowing exctly what you need to create a great website. With so many moving parts and so much code, there is nothing more beneficial then having your whole tech stack and content already packaged up and ready to go so you can get to building the website. Here are unique attributes for this feature:

  • The technologies included in this picture - Tailwind CSS, Next, and Sourcebit are all great products that are very popular with developers. While you are not limited to using these, they are great for creating beautiful websites with ease.

  • You don't have to worry about going to the Tailwind CSS page to figure out how to style a sidebar icon snd then over to Next to see how do I create the component that I want to build for my footer. Everything is one spot - Stackbit! There are many resources and ways to communicate with them if you ever need help.

  • Fresh Git repository is immediately created by default so you can collaborate on GitHub with your team. This also allows you able to pull your code anytime, making it yours and not Stackbit's.

  • Next.js is a cutting edge framework that handles both static site generation and server side rendering. It's capabilities do something that no other framework does in Jamstack, and that is being able to create both dynamic and static pages.

  • Save time and money with an easy out-of-the-box build and deployment!