Differentiated Value: Anyone Can Create, Edit, and Update the Website with Intuitive point and Click System

By Hilary Ouse

This online editor is really much more intuitive than Wix and SquareSpace in my opinion. They also make it very easy to add code for developers to customize the CMS for others to edit it how they want to. Here are more unique attributes that contribute to value:

  • Optimized for all types of users so you don't need to choose a platform based on whether you are a developer, designert, marketer, no-coder, or low-coder.

  • Allows developer and non-developers to actually collaborate easier in development process and work together.

  • There is no need to add anything to the product unless you want to, making it available for anyone to create and deploy.

  • Much less trivial to define a content model suitable for visually building full pages.

  • Save money and time both learning to crate content pages.